Gutter Cleaning: Having Clean Gutters Prevents Water Damage

Gutter Cleaning: Having Clean Gutters Prevents Water Damage Ways to Reduce Allergens in the Home Gutters are most often easily forgotten during home cleaning, which can eventually lead to expensive repairs once they get damaged. The gutters are specifically installed to channel snow and storm water away from your home, especially the foundation. Thus, when […]

220 Degree Water means Clean Gutters in December – Grand Rapids MI

Top Care Cleaning is the only gutter cleaning company able to properly clean gutters during December.   Our Proprietary System of 220 degree van powered water lines will thaw ice formed around leaves and debris in your gutters.   Top Care Cleaning also offers Rooftop Snow Removal Service.  Having your gutters cleaned out is a […]

Grand Rapids Fall Gutter Cleaning

How often should I have my gutters cleaned? The answer depends on the types of trees you have around your home.  Your gutters not only collect rain as it runs down your roof, but your rain gutters will also collect leaves and pine needles.  If you have oak trees around your home you are probably […]

Why Should I Have My Gutters Cleaned?


Why Should I Have My Gutters Professionally Cleaned? What is the purpose of gutters? The purpose of your gutters is to direct water running from your roof to the down spouts which will deposit the water away from your home’s foundation.  Without a gutter system in place, the water would run off of your roof […]