Gutters are most often easily forgotten during home cleaning, which can eventually lead to expensive repairs once they get damaged.  The gutters are specifically installed to channel snow and storm water away from your home, especially the foundation.  Thus, when the gutters are neglected and are full of leaves and debris, your home will suffer from serious repercussions.

One of these problems is when water falls around the foundation of your home and ends up in your basement or crawl space.  This can lead to bacterial growth and other damages caused by water.  During the winter season, the water can freeze and cause your foundation to crack.  On other areas, if the water goes behind the gutters it can cause the fascia board to rot, which can in turn potentially collapse your gutters.  Hanging gutters can provide an opening for more water and/or animals to enter your roof.

These are the most important things to avoid and aim to have your gutters cleaned and repaired from sagging and broken hangers.  You can check your gutters if you have been neglecting them and have them cleaned out as soon as possible.

When Should You Clean Your Gutters?

Late fall is usually the most important time of the year to clean your gutters, due to the accumulated leaves which can clog the gutters.  Spring and early summers are also crucial so that you can remove the accumulated pollen, seeds and flowers.  Also make sure to look after your downspouts as these too tend to get clogged, since they also carry water away from your home’s foundation this is very important that water is flowing through them.