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Blind Cleaning Service - Grand Rapids Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonic blind cleaning is recommended by major manufacturers, and is the most effective and safest way to clean blinds.  The blind cleaning process not only cleans the blind, but also cleans the cords, wands, ladders and provides lubrication to the head rail.  This allows your blinds not only to look new, but operate more efficiently as well!

Up front honest pricing – Being a family owned and operated business, we do not believe in hidden fees. We have straight forward pricing for our blind cleaning service and can provide you an estimate over the phone or by email the same day. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, so when you pickup your blinds we want you to be 100% satisfied with the work performed.

Why Choose Top Care Cleaning?

Our multi-divisional service approach allows our technicians to specialize in their fields. Many of our team members have been with us for 10-20 years. This level of commitment brings excellent customer service and a familiar face to each visit!


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Professional Residential and Commercial Blind Cleaning Service

Top Care offers both drop off and takedown/rehang services for blind cleaning. Drop off service does not require an appointment to bring your blinds to our facility for cleaning. You can also call and schedule an appointment for our takedown/rehang blind cleaning service. A trained technician will come to your home and professionally remove your blinds for you. We will then, take them back to our facility and clean them with the utmost care. After your blinds have been cleaned, we will bring them back and re-install them at your windows.

Our Blind Cleaning Process

Our ultrasonic cleaning process begins with submerging the blinds in our water filled ultrasonic cleaning tank. This state-of-the-art cleaning method uses ultrasonic wave technology to break up impacted dirt from the slats, head rail, strings and wands. This cleaning method sanitizes and removes dust, soot, nicotine, grease and other allergen causing particles.

After being cleaned in our ultrasonic tank, the next step in the blind cleaning process is rinsing of the blinds with a de-foaming softener. This will help the blinds to dry without water spots. The blinds will then be hung up to dry. During the drying process, our professionally trained technicians will inspect each blind to ensure they are clean and in working order. Once dried, they will be packaged for pick up or prepared for rehanging by one of our technicians.

*Real wood Blinds are detailed by hand and not cleaned with our ultrasonic technology. Being submerged in water, real wood blinds have the potential to warp and crack during the drying process. This is why we clean real wood blinds by hand, giving each blind the special attention it needs.

Types of Blinds We Clean

Mini Blinds, Micro Blinds & Venetian Blind Cleaning  –  Vertical Blind Cleaning
Fabric Blind Cleaning  –  Honeycomb Cellular Blind Cleaning  – Pleated Blind Cleaning  –  Faux Wood Blind Cleaning

Areas We Serve

Frequently Asked Blind Cleaning Questions

We place the blinds in tank filled with cleaning solution and water.  Then, the machine injects powerful sound waves that gently cleans the slats, cords, and head rail. The process is comparable to a jewelry cleaner.

We do offer same day service or next day service by appointment.  However, most of our blind cleaning clients will pick their blinds up within a week of dropping them off at our shop.

No, we do not repair blinds and our staff will make sure to let you know of any repairs that need to be done before cleaning begins.

Our technicians carefully remove the blinds from your home or office windows and number them, so that they can all be returned to the correct window. Then we transport 

them to our facility for cleaning. In some cases with certain blinds we will clean them onsite. Or you can drop the blinds off.

One thing that ultrasonic blind cleaning cannot fix is sun damage. If your blinds have lost their color or intensity, or have turned yellow from the sun, the ultrasonic cleaning cannot reverse this damage.

Yes! In addition to commercial and industrial service, we also can clean blinds from residential locations.

Yes, as well as nicotine, soot, grease, and grime.

There are some blinds that we cannot clean.  They are: window blinds that are encased between glass, select shear blinds and some luminette blinds. Our technicians and office staff will advise you of any potential problems that might arise while cleaning your blinds before any work is done.


We receive requests instantly

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