What is the purpose of gutters?

The purpose of your gutters is to direct water running from your roof to the down spouts which will deposit the water away from your home’s foundation.  Without a gutter system in place, the water would run off of your roof and saturate the soil next to your house potentially causing future water damage in basements, or worse, damage to your home’s foundation.

How will water get into your basement?

As you know, water will flow towards the easiest path it can find and unfortunately concrete foundations are not crack free.  Overflowing water from roofs will find a way into the small cracks in your home’s foundation and erosion will occur.  As the water flows back out of the cracked area it will take small pieces of concrete with it causing the crack to become larger.  Over time this can lead to water entering your basement and a flooded basement may not be your only concern.    Bacteria growth including mold & mildew can occur affecting your walls and flooring.

Why do you need your gutters cleaned?

You may be thinking “Well I have gutters, so this shouldn’t be an issue for my home”.  Unfortunately, gutters become clogged over time and water will flow over your clogged gutters to your foundation.  Clogged gutters can become heavy and possible pull away from your house causing structural damage to your home and gutters.  Having your gutters cleaned in the spring and fall is a great way to help eliminate these problems and thus avoiding costly repairs.