How often should I have my gutters cleaned?


The answer depends on the types of trees you have around your home.  Your gutters not only collect rain as it runs down your roof, but your rain gutters will also collect leaves and pine needles.  If you have oak trees around your home you are probably looking at having your gutters cleaned out twice a year.  If you have pine trees around your home your gutters may need to be cleaned more frequently.  The answer also depends on how many trees you have around your house.


Why should I have my gutters cleaned?


Last winter, many homeowners around Grand Rapids felt the ill effects of not having their gutters cleaned out before the snow started to fall.  Clogged Gutters can lead to water backing up under your shingles causing water damage.  The rain water can also flow over top of your gutters landing near the foundation of your home.  This can possibly lead to water in your basement.


Having your gutters cleaned out is a great preventative measure for the upcoming winter months.  Clean gutters allow water to flow freely to your downspouts which will direct the water away from your house.  If you are located in the surrounding areas of Grand Rapids and are in need of a gutter cleaning service, Top Care Gutter Cleaning can help.


We are proud to offer our gutter cleaning service in the greater Grand Rapids area including but not limited to: Hudsonville, Jenison, Grandville, Wyoming, Ada, Kentwood, Byron Center, Caledonia, Holland, Rockford, Walker, Allendale, Belmont, Cascade, Forest Hills, Zeeland, Grand Haven, and Lowel (49301, 19315, 19316, 49417, 49546, 49525, 49435, 49418, 49424, 49426, 49428, 49508, 49341, 49534, 49401, 49519, 49509).