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Gutter cleaning can be dangerous and time consuming.  Ladder related accidents injure thousands of homeowners each year, so let the professionals at Top Care Cleaning take the hassle away and provide you with clean free flowing gutters.   Our 41 years of experience will assure you our services are performed with professionalism and the utmost care of your home.  Many of our professionals have been with us for over 10 years, which far surpasses our competitors.  The dedication of our trained members allows us to provide you with outstanding service.  Our gutter cleaning specialists are also professionally trained window cleaning technicians.


All Top Care Cleaning members and owners are fully bonded and insured. We take pride in being Grand Rapids chosen gutter cleaning company since 1980. Having clean rain gutters is just another step in home maintenance that can be dangerous and time consuming, so let our gutter specialists take the stress away.

Our multi-divisional service approach allows our technicians to specialize in their fields. Many of our team members have been with us for 10-20 years. This level of commitment brings excellent customer service and a familiar face to each visit!​

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Having your gutters cleaned is one of the best ways to prevent water damage and potential flooding of your basement!


  • Regular fall gutter cleaning helps to prevent water from backing up under the shingles. This will help to prevent ice building up during the winter and causing damage.


  • Clogged gutters cause rain water to fall near the foundation of your home and possibly resulting in costly water damage repairs.


  • Overflowing gutters can cause damage to your landscaping including plants, shrubs, and flowers.


  • Clogged gutters during the winter can cause rain water and melting snow to run onto driveways and sidewalks resulting in hazardous ice to form.

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Frequently Asked Gutter Cleaning Questions

Many trees drop blossoms and seeds in the late spring. Deciduous trees and many evergreens lose their leaves or needles in the fall. November is our busiest month for gutter cleaning. Even homes without nearby trees can have problem with bird’s nests, loose shingles, or moss growing on asphalt shingle granules.

We start your gutter cleaning by blowing any loose debris off of your roof. We then scoop the debris out of your gutters by hand into buckets. Finally we rinse the outside of your gutters and the insides to make sure they are completely clean and the downspouts flow all the way to the ground. We will bag the debris in our plastic bags and leave it for you, or put it in a container of your choosing, or dump it on your property at your direction.
This depends on the amount of gutter on your home, the difficulty in reaching the gutter, and the amount and type of debris in your gutters. If you have gutter covers, screens, or sponges this can add a significant amount of time to the job.
Whenever it rains and you see your gutters overflowing, it’s time. Many of our customers can get by with just a fall gutter cleaning. Some need another in the late spring or early summer.
We don’t use chemicals in our standard gutter cleaning process. If you would like us to clean the outside of your gutters we can do that using a bleach based house/gutter cleaning product.
When it can be done safely, we prefer to work from the roof. It is the most efficient way and allows us to provide you with the lowest cost. If the roof is too hot, or steep, or has snow or frost on it, we will do the job from ladders.

We include all gutters in the estimate. If you only want specific sections of gutter cleaned we can provide a separate price for that as well.

We can and will, however often the reason that they are pulling out is that the wood they are in is rotting and they will eventually pull back out.

We will specify exactly which structures are included in the estimate. If you have another structure that you would lilke to include, just let us know!

We make sure that downspouts are working down to ground level. Plastic underground tube often collapse or become filled with root growth. We will advise you of any problems we find, but we do not service underground tubes.

The efficacy of gutter covers depends on the type of cover and the types of trees around your home. There is no foolproof solution. At best covers will increase the amount of time you can wait between cleanings, but they will likely also increase the cost of each cleaning due to the extra time involved in removing and reinstalling the covers.

Failure to keep your gutters working properly can lead to flooded basements, foundation issues, damaged fascia and soffits, and damage to landscaping.

It’s a dirty and physically demanding job, but most of all it’s dangerous if not done properly. Top Care employees are trained in ladder safety and have safely completed thousands of gutter cleaning jobs.

Most of the year we can get to your home within one week. During the peak season of mid November to mid December we get to jobs as quickly as we can, but the sooner you sign up, the better. We CAN continue to clean gutters even after it freezes by using hot water to melt the ice and debris out of the gutters, but additional charges will apply.

We bring everything that we will need including hoses. We need at least one and preferrably two outside faucets available, and any gates unlocked and outdoor pets secured.

If you have an urgent problem, we will make every attempt to take care of it the same day. Emergency charges may apply.

We can put it in a yard waste container if you have one, we can dump it on your property at your direction, or we can bag it in plastic bags that we provide and leave it for you.

Yes, as long as there is water available outside, we make sure all downspouts are clear and free flowing to the ground.

We can clean the outside of your gutters as well as your soffit and fascia. This is not included in the standard gutter cleaning service. We also offer whole house soft washing.


We receive requests instantly

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