It is finally winter here in Grand Rapids!

With winter weather finally coming to stay, it also brings some unique challenges in keeping your carpets clean and maintained. Kids and pets are spending more time indoors, salt is being tracked in, and snow and slush are everywhere. Look below for some tips on how to keep your home looking great this winter.

    1. To prevent stains or problems from occurring in the first place, keep mats are your homes entrances. Pick mats that are able to scrape off the mud, slush, and salt of the season. If your in a pinch with no place to put all of the wet boots, a cookie sheet (the kind with edges) can be used to collect the water instead of your carpeting.
    2. Be careful with wet carpet during the winter. If your carpet stays wet too long, mold can begin to grow on your carpet fibers. Fans will help increase air circulation to help dry the carpets faster.
    3. Regular vacuuming is especially important. The lack of ventilation cause dust to accumulate more easily in the home, which can attract dust mites. Regular vacuuming can prevent particles from being ground deeper into the carpet.  Having your carpet steam cleaned can also kill dust mites.

If you do end up with stains on your carpets or rugs, give us a call to have them professionally removed.