Having your carpet professionally cleaned is a great way to protect your family from unwanted air pollutants especially if family members have allergies.  Over time dust particles will settle in between your carpet fibers.  Your carpet will become a filter for dirt, dust, pet dander, cooking grease, nicotine and other allergens.
Vacuuming and walking across your carpet will release these airborne particles and possible toxic gases that may have adhered to these particles.  Top Care’s steam extraction cleaning process will remove these unwanted bacteria and even the deepest trapped pollutants with our truck powered vacuum system.
Individuals with allergies or asthma may believe removing their carpet will solve this problem, but in fact, clean, well-maintained carpet will improve the air quality of their home.  Carpet is a filter or trap for air pollutants and studies have shown that walking across hard surfaces disturbs more particles into the breathing zone then carpeted surfaces.  Carpet will trap these pollutants and can be removed or neutralized through professional carpet cleaning.