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What Time of Year is Best to Clean Your Windows?

Window washing is a significant part of keeping your home clean. Windows are part of the exterior elements of your home and can easily be forgotten when it comes to cleaning. As time goes by, you might ask yourself when the best time to clean your windows is. Well, the truth is that it is always a good time to wash the windows. Windows, regardless of whether it is the office window or home window, needs to be cleaned.

Why is Window Washing Important?

Windows are one of the first things that people see in a building. However, most people ignore the importance of cleaning the windows. Whether it is a home, commercial building, or high-rise window cleaning, having the windows cleaned can make a significant difference. The following are some of the main reasons why it is essential to wash your windows:

Better Views

It can be difficult to enjoy the outside view when the windows are dirty. Hiding the dirt with a curtain or blinds won’t do the trick; you need to wash the windows. Window washing is an essential part of maintaining a property and an excellent way to be noticeable in a neighborhood. Wash windows regularly to enjoy a clear view all the time.

Clean Windows Improve Energy Efficiency

It is essential to wash the windows if you want to improve the general energy efficiency of your home. According to the Department of Energy, windows account for 25-30 percent of a home’s energy use. You can reduce this waste of energy by washing the windows regularly. Sparkling window panes will let more natural light into your house and keep it warm. This will, in turn, help lower the energy bills.

Increase Curb Appeal

Washing the windows can contribute to an increased curb appeal as well as the general value of a home. Regular window washing is essential when it comes to ensuring that your property is properly maintained.  Window cleaning is particularly essential if you are planning to sell your home. The first impression that the home gives potential buyers will be the main determining factor for them, therefore, make sure that the windows are sparkling clean.

Avoid Degradation

While many reasons to clean windows are largely for aesthetic purposes, cleaning windows can help improve the overall durability and strength of the panes. Glass being a permeable material can easily be contaminated with various pollutants.

Eventually, the window panes can become less transparent as it gets exposed to pollutants without being washed. Things that can ruin the integrity of windows in a home include rain, minerals, and oxidation. The key to keeping the windows in their prime conditions is by washing them.

Get rid of the smoke film

A smoke film can accumulate from inside the house as a result of cooking, candles, and the fireplace. This leaves a persistent odor that can affect the indoor air quality. To get rid of the smoke film, you need to regularly clean the windows of your home from inside as well as outside.

When is the Best Time to Clean your Windows?

Various factors can determine the best time of the year to have your windows washed. These factors can range from climate restrictions, the day of the week to the weather. Your windows need to be cleaned when there is no restriction hindering you.


Spring is one of the best times to have your windows washed. This is particularly true of you had neglected your windows over the winter. Eventually, the windows start accumulating layers and layers of dirt, grime, dust, and pollution brought about by the few months of rainfall and weather changes. And if you are living near a highway or a busy road, the situation can be even worse.

The weather in spring is quite pleasant, but pollen can accumulate on the outside glass windows making them dirtier. Therefore spring window cleaning is essential as it helps get rid of the dirt build-up.


Summer is also a great time to wash your windows; this is mainly due to the fast drying time and the minimum chances of rainfall. Washing the windows during summer is a great way of eliminating the pollen buildup from spring. The only disadvantage of cleaning windows in summer is the quick evaporation of the cleaning solution applied to the window. This means that you have to be faster to avoid ant streaks left on the window.


Autumn is also a perfect time to clean the windows, well, unless it’s unusually rainy for some months. The temperatures aren’t too hot, and the chances of cleaning solutions drying on the windows are minimum. Besides, this time is perfect to get your gutters cleaned.


Winter is an unexpected season for cleaning your window. However, it will increase the amount of light getting into your home. Winter is usually the rainiest and the coldest season, however, clean rain cannot put any dirt on the window. Instead, it is the dirty rain that does so. Dirty rain is usually wind-driven rain that comes right after the long arid spell in summer. You will be surprised by how your window can stay clean for a long period when washed during winter.

After pest control treatment

Bugs like spiders usually find a way to creep into homes. You can take some measures to get rid of the bugs. Spider webs can be troublesome especially when you want to open up the windows. After you have eliminated the bugs, open the doors and clean the windows. You can also get professional help to clean the windows without interfering with the bug spray result.

Bottom Line

Spring can be the traditional time to clean the windows, but summer, autumn, and winter window cleaning can be equally beneficial. Additionally, cleaning your home might be your priority, but what about the windows? Get into the custom of regularly washing your windows to get rid of dirt, grime, and pollution. Tick window cleaning off your to-do list and let a professional window cleaning company clean your windows.

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For optimal window maintenance, it’s essential to know the right frequency for professional cleaning, especially if you have pets. Equally important is ensuring your window screens are regularly cleaned to maintain good indoor air quality. Lastly, consider the numerous advantages of hiring professional window cleaners, from aesthetic appeal to safety.

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