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Craft Ideas to Let Kids Be Messy Without Making a Mess

Kids are messy. This is a fact of life anyone with kids or has been around kids knows. You want to let them let their creativity shine, but you also don’t want to deal with a lot of tedious clean-up or stains in your carpet or upholstery. Sometimes the best way to clean is preventing the mess in the first place. Here are some ideas to contain the mess, or even make it mess-free. 

  1. Use banqueting paper to line the creative space of your kids. It will create a barrier between the paint, glue, or markers they’re using and the surface they’re working on. When they’re finished with their activity, simply pick up the paper and throw it away. It can stay fairly cost effective if you buy in bulk.
  2. Use the old towels and sheets in your linen closet. Fitted sheets are great to contain the mess. Flip the sheet upside-down and put something large enough in each corner to hold the sheet flat and you’ve got a contained area. If you have packing peanuts from a recent delivery, a large collection of balls, or some other kind of filler, pour them into your makeshift pool and let the kids have fun pushing the items around! 
  3. Put some paint in a bag! Draw a simple outline on a Ziploc bag (a tree, a fish, etc…), put some appropriately colored paint in the bag, tape the top shut so paint will not come out the top, and let your kid squish around paint in the bag and watch what happens to the colors.
  4. Another idea for using a Ziploc is to put the paint in the bag with some shaving cream. They can squish the colors around with the shaving cream and watch them combine. It’s a great way to explore color mixing without making a mess. 
  5. Let them paint with water! Grab a piece of colored construction paper, give them a wet paintbrush, and see what they create without the mess of paint. The water will darken the paper and allow them to see the lines of their brush. 

If your little one’s creativity makes an unexpected mess of your floor or upholstery. Give us a call at (616) 530-9129 to help you get those harder messes out.

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