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Why Should I Have My Upholstery Professionally Cleaned?


When you first purchased your brand new sofa, loveseat, chair, or sectional having it cleaned was likely not the first thought on your mind. You probably brought it home, set it in front of a television, and enjoyed many days/months with family and friends using your new piece of furniture. As time has passed, drinks and food may have been spilled, or a child or pet has made a mess on your hand picked furniture. Even general use will eventually cause soiling. 

At this point your new piece of furniture doesn’t seem very new anymore and you don’t have the time or know how to clean it. This is why Top Care Cleaning is here to help. Upholstery cleaning takes time, and here at Top Care we understand your life can be as busy as the next. You spent a lot of time and effort searching furniture stores for your beautiful piece of furniture, so why wait a second longer to have upholstery looking like it did the day you bought it?

Upholstery Cleaning Health Benefits:

Having your upholstery professionally cleaned can remove allergens and harmful bacteria. Through our powerful steam extraction system, we can help protect family members who have allergies and breathing troubles. See our article on “How Does Professional Carpet Cleaning Improve Air Quality?” by clicking the link. The same concept applies to your upholstery. 

Here are 8 health benefits for having your upholstery professionally cleaned:

  1. Allergen Reduction: Professional cleaning removes allergens such as dust, pollen, and pet dander from upholstery fabrics. This can significantly improve indoor air quality and reduce symptoms for people with allergies or asthma.
  2. Mold and Mildew Prevention: Upholstery can harbor mold and mildew, especially in humid environments. Professional cleaning helps to eliminate these harmful substances, thereby reducing the risk of respiratory problems and other health issues.
  3. Removal of Bacteria and Viruses: Professional upholstery cleaning can eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses that accumulate on the fabric. This is particularly important in maintaining a hygienic environment, especially during times of increased illness.
  4. Improved Air Quality: Dust and microscopic pollutants can get trapped in your upholstery and then released into the air. Professional cleaning helps to remove these particles, improving the overall air quality in your home or office.
  5. Reduction of Odors: Fabrics can absorb odors from pets, cooking, smoke, and other sources. Professional cleaning helps to remove these odors, leaving your upholstery smelling fresh.
  6. Extended Lifespan of Furniture: Regular professional cleaning can extend the life of your upholstery by removing dirt and oils that can break down fabric fibers over time.
  7. Stress Reduction: A clean and well-maintained environment can reduce stress and create a more pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.
  8. Elimination of Toxic Substances: Over time, your upholstery can accumulate substances like body oils, dead skin, and residues from spilled liquids. Professional cleaners use methods and products that effectively remove these substances without leaving harmful residues.

Top Care is Grand Rapids Chosen Upholstery Cleaning Provider:

Top Care has been providing professional cleaning services in the greater Grand Rapids area since 1980. Here at Top Care, we only use professional cleaning products and fabric specific cleaning solutions to ensure your upholstery does not get damaged. Our steam extraction equipment is rated #1 in the industry and our skilled, experienced and trained professionals have a firm understanding of stains and the proper treatment for each. 

Top Care also offers 3M Scotchgard™ carpet/fabric protection. Scotchgard™ Protector is a revolutionary stain repellent for liquids and prevents stains from damaging furniture and carpet. Your carpet and furniture’s initial protection from the manufacturer wears off over time. We recommend having your carpet and furniture protected with 3M Scotchgard™ with each cleaning appointment. 

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