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Baileys Grove- Kentwood, MI

Baileys Grove in Kentwood MI is a beautiful location. Top Care Cleaning are proud to be able to offer their services to the residents of the area, making sure that the homes sparkle and shine as much as they deserve to.

History Of Baileys Grove

The 300+ acres of cornfields and wetlands between 52nd and 60th streets that is now Baileys Grove was developed by Mick McGraw back in the early 1990’s. He wanted to create a community that consisted of single family homes and condominiums along with parks and walking trails. Further than that, he wanted residents to be able to access some of the best schools in the nearby area, while being surrounded by beautiful scenery that would become a part of their everyday life. 


It took until 1997, but the very first Baileys Grove house was built, and from there it only continued to grow. Now, it is a beautiful little community, consisting of exactly what McGraw wanted, single family homes for all kinds of people who have a love of nature.

Residents Of The Area

Baileys Grove is a highly sought after area for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are a young professional, or a family looking to grow, the neighborhood is going to be perfect for you. All of the residents are friendly and welcoming, making you feel like you belong within minutes of you actually moving in. It is a very close-knit community, kind of like the ones that you see on TV where everyone knows everyone, so if this is the kind of thing that you have always dreamed of, it could be exactly the place you need to be. It is a community like none other, allowing you to make friends with no issues at all.

The Pool!

The pool is truly one of the best parts about Baileys Grove. It is the crowning jewel of the area, with plenty of shallow areas for children, and areas for the adults to relax or swim as well. Or, if you have toddlers who want to jump in, there is a wading pool for them to use to learn to swim before heading out into the larger sections. It is the perfect place to enjoy a summer day, with umbrellas and lounge chairs available for your relaxation. Everyone loves heading out to the pool when the sun is out, so make sure that you check it out. It’s a perfect place to meet new people, and really get a feel of the community vibe.

Other Things Around The Area

There are plenty of villas, walking trails and fun things for you and your family to be partaking in. The Kentwood School District has all of your school needs covered, from grade school, to middle school, to East Kentwood High School, all are focused on helping your child or children reach their full potential.

We hope that you have found this article useful, and now know a little bit more about Kentwood MI, and Baileys Grove in particular. If you live in this area and find yourself in need of assistance when it comes to cleaning, don’t hesitate to contact Top Care Cleaning. Providing only the very best cleaning services to residents of the area, you will be glad that you made this choice!

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