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Our Process:

Top Care Cleaning’s steam extraction process is second to none and the one most carpet manufacturers recommend.  Our truck mounted system is rated #1 in the country and the unwanted dirt and grime is removed and contained inside the system’s second tank.  Our carpet cleaning process begins with a walk through analysis of the areas to be cleaned, noting high-traffic and heavily-soiled areas.  Then our technicians will pre-treat the areas to be cleaned.  The pretreatment process loosens soil from the carpet fibers allowing them to be removed through steam extraction.  Chemicals used in the cleaning process are therefore completely removed during the carpet steaming process.  This will leave your carpet cleaner, fresher, softer, and without residue.

The Top Care Difference:

Our carpet cleaning technicians are polite, professional, thoroughly trained and will always do more to get your carpet cleaner than any other carpet cleaning service.  Our carpet cleaning technicians have a firm understanding of carpet stains and the proper treatment for each.  Each technician takes pride in the services we provide and will always treat your home with the utmost of care.  Being a family owned and operated business, we do not believe in hidden fees.  If your appointment requires specialty spot or pet odor removal we will discuss pricing before the treatment process.  Customer satisfaction is our top priority, so when we leave your home we want you to be 100% satisfied with the work performed.

Carpet Protector – We offer 3M Scotchgard™ carpet & furniture protection.  The initial protection from the manufacturer wears off over time.  At Top Care Cleaning, we want to help extend the life of your investment.  We recommend having your carpet and furniture protected with 3M Scotchgard™.

Deodorizer & Pet Stain Removal –  We all love our pets, but hate when we find an accident left behind.  Left untreated, pet stains can penetrate deep below the carpet fibers to the backing of the carpet and even to the padding making odor and stain removal very difficult.  Our carpet deodorizer is a natural bacterial enzyme that neutralizes odors and dissolves the odor causing substance.

We also offer Deodorizing, Sanitizing, and Protector Services

We ask and recommend that you vacuum the high traffic areas before our technicians arrive to your home.

Yes, we pre-treat every area before cleaning and this is included in our price. If you are looking at other service providers make sure to ask if they include pretreatment in their quoted price.
Yes, we move furniture at no additional charge. We do ask that you remove items such as lamps, pictures, plants, etc. before our technicians arrive. After we have cleaned under the furniture it will be returned to its original place with protective blocks or tabs under its base/legs to protect your furniture and carpet. There are several items our technicians will not move based on company policy including: entertainment centers, large dressers, mirrors, china cabinets, pianos, televisions, electronics, etc.
Your carpet can take between 8-24 hours to completely dry. Air flow, humidity and temperature in the area all affect the time it will take for your carpet to dry. Here is an article with tips on how to dry your carpet faster written by Top Care.
The protective blocks and tabs under your furniture’s base and legs should be left in place until the carpet is completely dry which will help avoid color transfer. We usually recommend keeping the protectors under the furniture for 48 hours to be safe.
Having your carpet cleaned “Properly” does not cause faster re-soiling. The misconception of “having your carpet cleaned will cause it to soil faster” is a result of residual chemicals from prior cleanings and general “wear and tear” of the carpet and padding. Many portable home carpet cleaning machines do not have sufficient extraction power to remove all of the residue used in the cleaning process. Top Care’s powerful, van-powered, steam cleaning method uses the proper cleaning solutions and superior extraction power to leave little to no residue.

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